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Writing in Scrivener for GitHub Pages

Top Style, Scrivener’s and Mine


Version 2018-08-29 5:45 AM

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Welcome to scriv-git-pages! This is a little book about how to use Scrivener 3 to produce a little book on GitHub Pages.

I have had and admired the Scrivener app for a long time, and always wanted to write something using it. I’ve tried it a few times for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, to some good effect but ultimately no novel. I’ve tried it for a few other efforts, and right now I’m using it to write another little book that you’ll never see.

Scrivener, as I understand it, was created for writing books. It is focused on producing a single integrated output for various publication formats, eBook, PDF, I don’t know what all. It’s very powerful and, though it is well organized, it is incredibly complex because of all that power.

I mostly write web pages. If I were to publish one of those would-be novels, it would probably be on Leanpub, which expects separate chapters in separate files. Scrivener was not built for that purpose and its author doesn’t want to make it fit that purpose. Well, his house, his rules.

Nonetheless, some of Scrivener’s users have found ways to do these things, and I really want to use it in a project, so I’m going to build on the ideas of others and figure out a way that works for me. Since I’m doing another project using GitHub Pages, and since Scrivener really is a complex beast, I had decided to document all my settings and approaches. Then it occurred to me to publish them. That will encourage me to be more complete and clear, and it may, I hope, be useful to others.

Here goes!

Top Style, Scrivener’s and Mine